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Discover How To Assess Complex Digestive Issues With Paint By Numbers Simplicity & Get To The Root Cause Of Your Clients Ailments Every time

Dear Fellow Health Practitioner,

Gut health is without question the most foundational and important pillar of good health.

Traditional healing modalities like Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda have known this for 1000's of years...

...and modern science is now validating this through groundbreaking research into areas like the microbiome

We now know that 70% of our immune system is in the gut

We understand the profound and far-reaching effects of the gut-brain connection

We know that many of our neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin and melatonin are made or synthesized in the gut

The "Godfather of Medicine", Hippocrates, stated that "ALL disease begins in the gut" 

Now, I know I don't have to tell YOU that

In fact, this is becoming such common knowledge that most of your clients and patients are probably aware of this!

Despite this, digestive disorders still account for 75% of doctors visits and people spend billions of dollars each year on drugs and surgery to manage them

I am willing to bet that almost every patient who walks through your door has some type of underlying gut health problem (just ask them - I think you'd be surprised)

So, why am I telling you things you already know?

There are 2 main reasons:

1) if you master digestive health, you can help most people improve their overall health exponentially (no matter what their health issues are!)

2) if you master digestive health, you can build a wildly successful practice that is driven by results and referrals

Simple, right?

But here is the catch.

We live in a world saturated with information. Clients and patients are A LOT more knowledgeable than they were even 10 years ago.

They are also more confused.

This is because much of the information they are receiving is conflicted, biased or simply theoretical.

This means that you, the practitioner need to up your game!

You need to up your knowledge if you want to have productive conversations with patients and instill trust and confidence in them

The days of people paying money for you to tell them to eat more greens, drink kombucha and take digestive enzymes are over

There are millions of blogs, summits, podcasts and webinars that will show people how to improve their health - for FREE!

If you truly want to position yourself as the expert and gain the unwavering trust of your clients and patients, you need to know what you are doing and you need to get results


But you too are faced with the same conflicting advice that many of your clients and patients are faced with.

You fly through school and by the time you're done much of the information is outdated or obsolete

As you build your practice, you have less time to dedicate to continued education (especially if you value work/life/family balance)

Navigating a sea of information on your own can create feelings isolation and doubt, eroding your self confidence in the process

This is precisely why having a mentor is key; and it's one of main reasons why I created the program I am about to share with you

Having the confidence & self-belief to accurately evaluate complex digestive issues forms the backbone of any thriving health practice.

The days of a disease-centric, symptom-management model of care are over.

Instead, we are witnessing the ushering in of a patient-centric model of care that focuses on prevention, personalized therapy and restoring health, vitality and function to the human body and mind.

Understanding how to identify root causes together with having tried and tested tools and resources at your fingertips, means you can create highly personalized health programs without reinventing the wheel for each patient...

... it means you will consistently get the best results for your clients.

Without getting results reliably, repeat business and referrals will be few and far between...

... and business will be stagnant at best, but more than likely be on the decline - and that's no way to run a successful practice.


... consistently good results leads to consistent referrals and a calendar full of appointments

Being able to evaluate and address issues more accurately and efficiently, your practice will grow profitably, and you will help more people and make more money...

... taking away any uncertainty.


In case we haven't met, let me to introduce myself

My name is Brett Hawes
I am a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Clinical Holistic Nutritionist

By successfully helping 1000's of my clients overcome a wide variety of health issues over the last 16 years, I have built a rewarding practice that serves people from around the world.

My areas of specialty include complex and chronic digestive issues, autoimmune disease and hormone imbalance.

Having being mentored by some of the greatest minds in alternative and natural health care, plus years of intensive clinical experience, led to a faculty position at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. For the past 13 years I have taught graduate practitioners the fundamentals of clinical nutrition, nutritional symptomatology and nutrition and the environment

I have taken the blend of ancient, traditional and contemporary evidenced-based natural healing concepts and worked as a clinical nutritionist in integrative clinical settings with chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists, naturopaths, energy medicine and TCM practitioners.

Some of the top health and wellness companies have hired me in the roles of adviser, consultant, product educator and product formulator

My podcast, Holistic Health Masterclass, is ranked in the top 200 alternative health podcasts in the world – and reaches 1000's of listeners in 57 countries each week

These experiences have afforded me the unique opportunity to train, teach and help practitioners from all walks to successfully build world-class practices  

… and this is how I would love to help you today.

The exact same way I have helped 1000’s of other health practitioners from all parts of the world to navigate the art, science and business of holistic health.

A comprehensive, step by step masterclass that shows you how to simply and effectively address the most common digestive issues; with 100% accuracy every time…

… a combination of critical thinking, cutting-edge analytical tools and trusted clinical solutions that form the building blocks of razor-sharp client evaluation and root-cause resolution

 A formula that will help you to get better results, return clients, repeat business, referral after referral and in turn a thriving holistic health business.

Let me introduce you to my signature practitioner masterclass...

Digestive Health Practitioner Masterclass
A 4-Week Online Masterclass with Brett Hawes, CFMP, CNP
in partnership with
This 4-Week Online Masterclass is Rooted in Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition

It draws on 1000's of hours of clinical experience, over a decade of professionally educating practitioners, and is delivered in a fun, engaging and immersive environment

My aim is to cut through the fluff and arm you with proven solutions and resources that have been used successfully in my clinic for almost 20 years. 

This program will accelerate your learning and plug you into a supportive ecosystem of both new and seasoned practitioners.

You will learn valuable critical-thinking skills that will give you the confidence to identify the root causes of each patient individually

At the same time you will have access to information and tools that will streamline the way you work, get you consistently good results and increase your efficiency, productivity and revenue 

You will be provided with a road map that walk you through the most common digestive health issues and how you can easily evaluate and address them.

Learn how to develop personalized health programs without  "reinventing the wheel" for each client or patient...

...and get comfortable with accurately analyzing and addressing of every one of their health concerns.

So What Can You expect From This Practitioner Masterclass?

A deep dive into the most common digestive complaints and a thorough understanding of how to make accurate evaluations of each clients individual needs.

 … root cause detection and resolution, making it easier and simpler to have delighted clients.

An immersive but entertaining program; learning with fellow health practitioners.

An opportunity for you to make lifelong connections with other game-changing practitioners in an ever-growing health space that is truly effecting change for millions of people in the world…

… and I have already taken all your notes!

You’ll get your very own copy of my book, "Digestive Health: The Practitioners Guide"

 ...this 141-page reference manual is your guide. It represents 16 years of my expansive career, bound into a useful book that will be ever present in your practice.

My past students have said their copies are dog eared and scrawled full of texts and notes, always within arm’s reach.

Whilst not an encyclopedia, it is nonetheless a gold standard – based on extensive clinical experience and research

 ► Discover fully referenced protocols and guidelines for the 15 most common digestive disorders including amongst others, GERD & Acid Reflux, Ulcers, Bloating, Constipation, Diarrhea, IBS, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Candida, SIBO & many more…

 ►  Never be in the dark when it comes to supplements – learn protocols which include indicative dosages and brand names

 ►  Need-to-know therapeutic food lists indicated for each disorder a client might have

 ►  Black & white, no nonsense recommendations for functional lab tests for each possible condition (plus a quick reference list for my go-to lab tests!)

 ►  Navigating and understanding standard medical diagnostic tests and what they mean

 ►  Your own written knowledge base on drug treatments and nutrient depletions

 ►  PLUS -- done-for-you meal plans ready to be handed out to your clients

All of this will be delivered in an immersive and structured online 4-week masterclass

All resources ready for you, so all you need to do is listen, engage and learn.

Lisa McMurtrie, CNP, PTS, BFA, RYT-500
I met Brett 3 years ago at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. He was my first teacher, and I gravitated towards his organized teaching style, humour, and undeniable wealth of knowledge. Brett helped me develop my knowledge and skills as a student, and continues to help me develop my skills as a professional in the field. I have enrolled in, and completed two of his masterclass programs. Mastering The Art of the Solo Practitioner, and the Digestive Health Practitioner Masterclass. In my practice as a holistic nutritionist, I visit digestion with each client. After taking the GI Masterclass, I felt much more confident in creating customized programs, and it's a bonus that Brett has organized the content in a manual that is very easy to follow and understand. I highly recommend any practitioners who are wanting to fine-tune their skills, or refresh their expertise in digestion to enrol in this masterclass.
Damien Zielinski, CNP, NNCP, FDN
"I honestly found the Digestive Health Practitioner Masterclass to be packed with extremely useful information. It combined TONS of clinical experience with cutting edge functional medicine science, but delivered in a totally down-to-earth and approachable way.

This program really helped me excel in my Functional Diagnostic Nutrition certification and has laid the foundation for my path into the functional medicine space.

Fantastic program! 10/10 would recommend!"
Yes! I want to register for this exclusive masterclass and take my clinical results to the next level
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When You Sign Up You Will Also Receive...
Therapeutic Diets, Food Lists and Meal Plans (VALUED AT $497)

A vast body of practice-ready guides, food lists and meal plans that cover the most common digestive health issues. 

These include SIBO, Candida, Low FODMAPs, leaky gut diet, autoimmune diets, GAPS, Acid-alkaline chart, Low GI/GL, Blood type diets and more. 

Truly a treasure of trove of resources that will save you time and positively impact your success

The HHM Therapeutic Dosage Guide to Vitamins, Minerals & Nutraceuticals (VALUED AT$47)

This resource booklet is jam-packed full of over 600 nutraceuticals all with different forms and recommended dosage ranges.

 … increase your efficiency and results by taking the guesswork out of dosing

Whether it’s herbs, nutrients or niche superfoods, this guide will provide you with crystal clear dosing guidelines  

HHM Body Systems and Functional Food Chart (VALUED AT $47)

With a printable wall chart covering the 11 major body systems and the nutrients they require.

This chart provides a quick reference guide to the essential foods, superfoods, herbs, vitamins and minerals required for healing each of these major body system

The Practitioners Guide to Balancing Blood Sugar – Effective Management of Diabetes and Hypoglycemia (VALUED AT $97)

Up to 75% of all your clients will have blood sugar issues and that is what makes having access to this extra bonus essential.

This bonus 27-page text book is loaded with information... 

Discover the road from hypoglycemia to diabetes along with the signs and symptoms to be wary of in your practice (long before blood work starts going out of range!)

See how allopathic medicine and pharma views and treats blood sugar issues. 

You’ll also find out about the 3 main drivers behind ALL blood sugar disturbances, all the core nutrient deficiencies and... 

the ‘all new’ diabetes diet, going way beyond keto without all the restrictions (this one thing makes this bonus the game changer!)

See how your clients can combat the side effects of living with diabetes and oxidative stress and get the go-to supplements that addresses All areas of blood sugar management (not enough people are talking about this and this bonus shows you all…)

Here is a quick recap of everything you will get
  • 4 Weeks of LIVE, online classroom training (VALUE $1500)
  • "Digestive Health - The Practitioners Guide" hard-copy reference book (VALUE $197)
  • The HHM Therapeutic Dosage Guide to Vitamins, Minerals & Nutraceuticals (VALUE $47)
  • HHM Body Systems and Functional Food Chart (VALUED AT $47)
  • The Practitioners Guide to Balancing Blood Sugar – Effective Management of Diabetes and Hypoglycemia (VALUED AT $97)
  • Done-for-you food lists and sample menu plans (VALUED AT $497)
  • Functional Lab Tests Cheat Sheet (VALUED AT $19)
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to our private practitioner group (VALUE - PRICELESS)
Secure Lifetime Access with All Future Updates to The Entire Program + Lifetime Access to our Private Practitioner Mentorship Group When You Enroll

...lifetime access means you can rest assured knowing that you can easily review complex topics or those that are of particular interest.

This one-stop-shop Masterclass will bring crystal clarity and confidence to your client evaluation and treatment...

... and be the catalyst to turbo-boosting your practice by getting consistently good results

Here's what other health professionals have to say...
"The Digestive Health workshop was truly an amazing experience, very informative and useful. I was impressed by the well organized, complete and comprehensive training materials, and outstanding presentation. Besides all of the great information and protocols specific for main digestive issues such as IBS, IBD, dysbiosis and leaky gut, I also found the additional gifts such as information about regulating blood sugar highly valuable. I strongly recommend taking the digestive health workshop"

Parvaneh Assa (Ph.D., CNP) Holistic Nutritionist & Certified Genetic Test Provider and Analyzer

This Digestive Health Masterclass is absolutely brilliant! To be honest, I was hesitant enrolling at first simply because I already have advanced training in the realm of gut health & the microbiome, so I wasn't sure if this masterclass would further my knowledge or not (it definitely did!) With that being said, I still feel this masterclass is appropriate for many different integrative/holistic healthcare providers who are seeking a deeper understanding and clinical knowledge when it comes to resolving digestive conditions. Brett has done an excellent job of organizing this material in a way that is easy to learn. More importantly, he displays his clinical expertise and shares with his student's various protocols that are highly effective when it comes to resolving some of the most challenging symptoms and conditions. I highly recommend this for any practitioner who is looking to enhance their understanding of gut health and who wishes to serve their clients/patients on a deeper level. Since taking this program, I have implemented Brett's wisdom into my practice and have seen some incredible results with my clients!
Lindsey Emerling R.Ac and holistic health coach
This masterclass is a solid, no nonsense, to the point overview of each of the major digestive issues that I've most commonly come across in my practice. To have such clear clinical practice guidelines with the addition of Brett's experience has made a significant difference in the tests I recommend and the digestive health advice that I provide for my clients. This course was one of the very best investments I've made in my holistic nutrition career.'
Angela Pereira, RKin, CSCS, CPTN-CPT-CYT, CNP, ROHP
"Invaluable information! I learned tips that I never knew existed and I am not sure where else you could find this type of info. The printed material and bonus items together with access to the recordings is really helpful as I can go over it again and again. Highly recommend this masterclass!"
Renia Listowska, Certified Nutritional Practitioner 
I have taken this Digestive Health Practitioner Masterclass with Brett. He is a knowledgeable, expert and humble; and the program has made a big difference in my practice
I highly recommend it.
Muhab Ziadeh, Certified Nutritional Practitioner
"As a former student, it was amazing to learn from Brett again. Just having access to the forum is worth it because you have access to his wealth of knowledge. Not to mention the support. To get downloaded with what he's learned in his years of practice, supplements, key points to address with clients, why wouldn't you go to this workshop?"
Melissa Sklepetas, Certified Nutritional Practitioner - founder of "A Safe Space"
Yes! I want to register for this exclusive masterclass and take my clinical results to the next level
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Jason Yee, Certified Nutrition Practitioner, Beyond Food Practitioner
The digestive Health Practitioner Masterclass is an very well laid out program. I found the information easy to digest, and implement.

There's a TON of information but the way Brett organized it it's not overwhelming and very easy to reference once you've completed the program. Specific digestive conditions are focused on one at a time and Brett presents a background of each condition, current research, & then goes into resources for testing, protocol ideas, diet and specific supplement recommendations.

He teaches you how to figure out next steps, which testing to do and where to look to create and customize your own protocols. To top it all off, his delivery of the content is always engaging and easy to keep focused. I recommend it all practitioners!
Maddie Battle, CNP (Natural Balance Wellness)
The GI Masterclass is SO informative, one of the most detailed and useful courses I've taken! Brett deep dives into multiple GI related health issues that are extremely common, complete with his favourate protocols, specific supplementation, functional lab testing, dosages, diet and lifestyle suggestions for each one. Since doing the course I have referred back to my notes many times, as well as the detailed guide that it comes with which offers even more information. Definitely recommend!
Brenda Connell - Health Coach
I am a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach. Recently, I completed Brett's Digestive Health Practitioner Masterclass and cannot say enough about this course! Brett's course has given me piece of mind and 10x more confidence in my work. It is one of the most valuable courses I have ever taken; the information provided was worth every penny! Thank you Brett!
Yes! I Want To Enroll Now >>

 I sincerely hope you'll join us for this program. Over 100 of your peers and colleagues have gone through it so far and I can honestly say that I have been humbled by the positive feedback I have received.

This program is unlike almost any other you will find out there.

The book I have written, "Digestive Health - The Practitioners Guide" took me years to put together - it truly is my life's work.

The ecosystem you are plugging into will continue you to support you for years to come and help you to become a better practitioner.

If we have met before, I can't wait to reconnect with you.

If we have not met yet, I look forward to meeting you.

Here's to your success,

Brett Hawes

Brett Hawes, CNP, CFMP
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. Clinical Nutritionist. Iridologist. Professional Educator and Natural Medicine Expert

Enrollment Closes In:

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Here is a quick recap of everything you will get
  • 4 Weeks of LIVE, online classroom training (VALUE $1500)
  • "Digestive Health - The Practitioners Guide" hard-copy reference book (VALUE $197)
  • The HHM Therapeutic Dosage Guide to Vitamins, Minerals & Nutraceuticals (VALUE $47)
  • HHM Body Systems and Functional Food Chart (VALUED AT $47)
  • The Practitioners Guide to Balancing Blood Sugar – Effective Management of Diabetes and Hypoglycemia (VALUED AT $97)
  • Done-for-you food lists and sample menu plans (VALUED AT $497)
  • Functional Lab Tests Cheat Sheet (VALUED AT $19)
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to our private practitioner group (VALUE - PRICELESS)
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the program schedule? How does it work?
First class is on Tuesday November 3rd at 6:30 PM EST. There will be a total of 4 weekly live Zoom sessions held on Tuesdays, 6:30-9:30 PM EST. The rest of the program will take place in our private practitioners group
Do I have to be a practitioner to take this masterclass?
Yes. This masterclass is open to any certified health professional (eg. nutritionist, health coach, functional medicine practitioner, naturopathic doctor, medical doctor)
What if I am a student who is still in school?
If you are at an accredited school you may still attend the masterclass. You should have foundational courses such as Fundamentals of Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology, Symptomatology. If you have any questions, please contact us: [email protected]
Does this count toward continuing education credits?
We are waiting on final approval from the IONC and CANNP to get credits for holistic nutritionists. Please check with your regulating body or association to see if you qualify
What if I can't attend all of the live sessions and fall behind?
Unlike so many other programs that sell you information and then disappear, this program provides you with LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the training materials PLUS the practitioner support group. Basically: you will never fall behind ;)
I am not licensed to order functional lab tests. Will this program still apply to me?
100% YES! Before I get into the reasons why, you should know that lab testing makes up a small portion of this program. That said, here are a few reasons why you should get comfortable with lab tests.

A lot of MD's, ND's, Functional medicine practitioners and chiropractors are hiring health coaches and nutritionists in their practice. You are at an INCREDIBLE advantage if you understand functional lab tests (even at a basic level).

Also, many of your clients will be coming in with these lab tests already done. Again, you have an advantage. With lifetime access to our support group, you will always be able to get more help and answers to your questions
What is your refund policy?

There is a non-refundable administration fee of $100.

If you are not satisfied with the program, you may request a full refund (minus the $100 non-refundable administration fee) after the first week's lesson. Refunds will not be issued after the commencement of week 2 of the program.

Refunds might take up to 4 weeks to show up on your bank statement

Please also be sure to read our terms and conditions here

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